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GREENERGY - NANOMAX - Haircare Treatments

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NANOMAX - Haircare Treatments

biostimulation therapy of the hair

+ photo - photo - dynamic therapy

The use of phototherapy (light therapy) in medicine has a great history. GREENERGY The new system is based on the use of LEDs (light emitting diodes). This system provides an athermal visible light with a high purity of the spectrum (555 nm), which stimulates the cohesion of the active (proteineexogene) deeper in the interior of the hair, as well as the enzymes of the germ cells. Light therapy stimulates the hair through the absorption of pure light and is obtained using the BRUSH GREEN on dry hair for 5 minutes every day, after treatment in the salon.

The BRUSH GREEN Nanomax ® emits pure light which, combined with the products Nanomax ® HOME THERAPY, stimulates the hair to remain healthy, and brillanti.Lo untangled hair shaft needs of photo- active receptors that play an action in its structure more profonda.Gli HOME THERAPY product ingredients have been specifically developed to act as fotorecettori.HOME THERAPY consists of two lines :
• HYDRA hair for medium and large : SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, SERUM.
• FYBRA for fine hair and very fine : SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, SERUM. The treatment allows you to get
• Hydration : proteins, combined with sugars and other natural ingredients make optimum hydration to the hair.
• Sensational Gloss : hair that shine with natural light throughout the day.
• smoothness : loose hair, silky and manageable.