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NO AMI - DEMERAL - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

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DEMERAL - Hair Perms & Neutralisers

treatment multiplier of movement, volume and body

New service for fortifying a movement ultra- natural and long-lasting thanks to the combined action of essential oils and amino acids of Cheratina.Garantisce an anti -frizz and protects the uniformity of color without ammonia or thioglycolates. Suitable for hair of all lengths : short, medium, long. Allows a new look to the natural regrowth of hair.

is available in 4 different levels of action:
N. 1: Natural hair ;
N. 2: colored hair insensitive ;
N. 3: sensitized colored hair ;
N. 4: hair colored / bleached very sensitized.

method of use : make a shampoo and if necessary to protect the lengths. Proceed with the winding based on the result desiderato.Distribuire the LOTION WAVING on strands wrapped by performing three steps in succession. Cover with a headset (do not use heat) and leave at room temperature. At the end of time, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Blot excess water from each curler. Saturate each curler with LOTION NEUTRALISING performing steps 2-3 in succession. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hair curlers wound for about 5 minutes. Dab and the curlers play. Do not make the shampoo. Apply a post- treatment. Proceed with the desired drying.

box: in WAVING LOTION 200 ml bottle, Lotion NEUTRALISING in 1000 ml bottle.