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VISIONS AMMONIA FREE - coloring sweet
VISIONS AMMONIA FREE - coloring sweet - ARTWORK - Hair Color


VISIONS AMMONIA FREE - coloring sweet
Hair Color

VISIONS AMMONIA FREE - colorazione dolce

is a new generation of coloring, without the use of ammonia, to give a new service - color and beauty to the hair. Has a conditioning and protective cosmetic base that preserves the integrity of the hair, it conditions the exterior of the stem and protects the skin during the coloring process. The micropigments pure high quality revolutionize the beauty of color and affect all the aspects that determine the beauty of the stem and, in a specific way, determine the gloss, the stability of the reflection and the duration of the color. The results are excellent, with a perfect coverage of white hair, beauty and intensity of the reflections, vibrant and faithful in different shades. Jojoba oil and Shea Butter, precious nourishment and beauty of the hair, penetrate and act both inside and on the surface of the hair, giving restructuring, hydration and shine. The reflections are more intense, vibrant, bright and durable, thanks to Vitamin C.
Shades line VISIONS AMMONIA FREE is comprised of 8 tonal range with 26 shades fashion and cosmetics two detectors.
box: 100 ml tube.

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